Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Ghosts and Goblins Night Ride

Front row, left to right:David Votano, Shawn Whitaker, Bev Yates, Aimee Kemick. Back row, left to right: Mitch Powers, Steve Putt, Rick Gabler, Bill Granche, Kathy Lampman, Jerry Stewart, Bill Gerber.

 The first ever Ghosts and Goblins Night Ride hosted by Country Squirrel Outfitters this past Thursday night (October 30th) was well attended, and all that we had hoped for. Eleven courageous night riders cleared the way from the Trailhead of the Clarion-Little Toby Trail all the way down river to the overpass crossing the railroad tracks making it safe for Halloween, ha. Eleven bold riders rode 17 miles and braved the chill, the night and the ghouls haunting the night. In the beams of their headlamps and head lights, some swore to have seen a wisp of movement within the whirl or winds, and the rattle of brush. One rider heard an unearthly hoot, that when he turned to locate the sound, sent him careening into the ravine (Actually, a large stone had been unearthed, and the rider swerved to avoid an endo). What a sight to see lights and reflectors rolling along in an almost silent, magical, rhythm. The chill was nothing but invigorating, and all returned unscathed in a refreshed and satisfied mood. Half of the group celebrated a Thirsty Thursday at Jordan's Bar and Grill on Main Street where the 3rd Annual Winter Solstice Celebration was planned for December. The first was a winter ride on the trail, but the second was a run due to the in-climate weather. Be watching the CSO page to learn the specifics.  

- Submitted by "Wild Bill" Granche, CSO Staff Member

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